Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dangerous and Anti Hindu Communal and Targeted Violence Bill


· A draconian law which will impose permanent emergency in India for Hindus and the condition of Hindus will be similar to the condition of Jews in Germany who were tortured and executed without reason and merely on an allegation.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said once that Muslims have first right over National Resources. This bill shows the same mindset of appeasement at work.

1. Who has drafted it?

· National Advisory Council (NAC) has drafted the communal violence bill with the purpose of presenting it in the Parliament in the monsoon session.

· NAC is an extra- constitutional body acting as a Super Parliament. It was constituted by Central Govt in the year 2004

Chairperson of NAC is President of Congress Party Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Its members include hand picked NGO activists who are Pro-Congress and known Hindu bashers like Teesta Seetalwad , Harsh Mander and likes.

Intention behind the bill

· Union Minister Kapil Sibal while making this bill public remarked about the alleged involvement of state government in Gujarat riots and hence such incidents should be prevented in future.

· Every bill has an INTRODUCTION which underlines the reasons for bringing the bill and the OBJECTIVES it seeks to achieve. This bill does not have any Introduction and hence does not specify the reasons or objectives.

· Timing of this bill is very important. Much maligned Christian organizations of USA have put India on its Human Rights Watch list after episodes in Gujarat and Orissa. This organization has never talked about the plight of Hindus in Kashmir or in Tripura and Manipur.


Most dangerous definition in the bill is that of ‘The Group’ which “means a religious or linguistic minority in a given State or Scheduled Castes and scheduled Tribes”.

Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes already have a very strong law namely the Scheduled Caste and The Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of atrocities) Act, 1989. Hence need no additional law.

There is nothing called linguistic minority. Even in Maharashtra, if we see a dispute between Marathi and other languages, it is more of a dispute with non – Maharastians and assertion of Marathi culture on regional basis and not about language.

Regarding minorities, Parsi is a peace loving community and Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains are considered to be Hindus. Except for riots against Sikhs in 1984, there is no history of riots against them.

Hence in the name of religious minority, the bill is concerned only about Muslims and Christians. Muslims form 73% of the entire minority population. Christianity grows on conversions.

Thus the real intention of the bill is to appease Muslims as has been policy of Congress in the past and with an eye on U.P. elections next year as an immediate gain.


a. Communal and targeted violence means an act or series of acts, whether spontaneous or planned, resulting injury or harm to the person and or property, knowingly directed against any person because of his membership of THE GROUP.

b. Hostile environment against THE GROUP means a hostile environment created against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) so that it is difficult for them to do any trade or business or deprive them of their fundamental rights, or force them to leave their home or do any act which creates an offensive environment.

e.g. It is difficult to know when a person feels offended about an act.

For example if a Hindu refuses to give his house on rent to a Muslim, a businessman refuses to take raw material from a Muslim supplier, or a Muslim student is not given admission by a school or a client wants to change his Muslim lawyer, or a list of terrorists involved in bomb blasts in last 1 year is published in the newspaper and due to above said acts, a Muslim feels offended, this is an offence under this act.

c. Victim means any person belonging to this GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) who has suffered physical, mental, psychological or monetary harm to himself or his property and includes his relatives, legal guardian and legal heirs.

e.g. how can we measure which action leads to mental and psychological pain. For example any Muslim or Christian can complain that mental harm is caused to him by the noise of the band in the marriage party, the shankh or bell in temples, the processions during Diwali Dushara etc. then will the police book and arrest all persons involved in the procession etc.?

d. WITNESS is any person who knows about the facts or has information about the injury done to THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) only.

e. HATE PROPAGANDA includes any material published or communicated by words spoken or written or by signs or by visible representation or otherwise which incites hatred and may lead to violence againstTHE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) or broadcasts or publishes or advertises any such information against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians), he is guilty of hate propaganda.

For example if any newspaper publishes the provocative speeches of Muslim fundamentalists who are inciting people on the basis of religion, or if a newspaper publishes list of terrorists who are Muslims or Christians or if anybody publishes names of Ajmal Kasab and Afsal Guru in newspaper in relation toJehad or if there is discussion or debate or seminar on terrorism or fundamentalism, etc. and the role of Muslims or Christians is discussed, this could be an offence.

This will give a death blow to freedom of speech and expression and will be against democracy.

e. Head of the organization/association will be responsible for act of its members

If any ordinary worker is involved in any such act against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians), the head of the organization can also be considered guilty. Thus if false complaint is lodged against a Hindu and he is member of a certain Hindu organization, then the head of that Hindu organization can also be arrested. Also if a Hindu is involved in any of the abovesaid acts and he says that he belongs to a certain Hindu Organization or is made to forcibly admit, then the head of the organization can be arrested.

f. TORTURE - If a public servant does any of the abovementioned Act including mental or physical pain against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians), he is guilty. He can be prosecuted without permission from the govt. which is otherwise always needed and is essential.

Public servants can also be removed from their office/job for dereliction of duty i.e. not doing enough to get justice for THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians).

Public servants can also be held guilty for not being able to control the subordinates under him. Hence highly placed Senior Public Servants will always be afraid of being punished for not doing enough in favour of THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians). Thus they can be arm twisted to inflict atrocities against a Hindu even without any evidence and just to please minorities.

The bill also states that the public servants including police cannot say that they were just doing their duty/obeying seniors if they do anything against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians). They will be punished.

g. SEXUAL ASSAULT is an offence only if committed against THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians).

h. If a complaint is filed by any person of THE GROUP (Muslims and Christians) then the Hindu will be held guilty unless he proves his innocence. The Muslim or the Christian complainant does not have to give any proof. Mere allegation is enough.

This is in contradiction of the basic premise of law which states that “everybody is presumed innocent till proved guilty”. This bill states every Hindu accused is guilty till he proves his innocence.


a. National Authority will be formed by Central Government to supervise and implement the provisions of the bill.

b. It will have 7 members including Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. 4 out of 7 members including Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will always be Muslims. This means the bill considers that only Muslims and Christians can take care and do justice for THE GROUP (Muslims and Christians). This a dangerous premise as it means that a Judge or President, Vice-President, Prime Minister or any other Public Servant takes care of people belonging to his religion/community only.

c. National Authority will monitor the postings, transfers of public servants including police, security forces etc. in case of even apprehension of communal violence against Muslims and Christians. This means even on the basis of one small information, National Authority can over take all the powers of the State Government and can interfere in the affairs of the states.

National Authority has almost unlimited powers as it can even issue orders to police and Armed forces in cases of communal violence against Muslims and Christians. Statements given to the National Authority is equal to statement given in court of law.

f. Qualification for being a member of National Authority. Usually retired judges of High Court/Supreme Court are appointed in various Commissions but in this case, persons need not be retired judges of High Court or Supreme Court.

g. Only THE GROUP (read Muslims and Christians) have right to relief, compensation. A Hindu victim of communal violence has no right relief and compensation under this Act.


This means that if the Congress government at the Centre decides to dismiss the government in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka etc., a few unlawful elements can always stage manage a riot in these states and if it continuous for a few days, then the public servants, the police, the security forces can be transferred, posted, held guilty and hence threatened and intimidated; for an act of any public servant, head of the state i.e. Chief Minister will be held responsible and punished. Thus the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge is a same person.


This bill will break the federal arrangement in the country i.e. powers divided between centre and states and will also create ill-will between different religious communities.

This bill considers Hindus as a violent community who always does violence against Muslims and Christians and others. Hindus are always the accused. Muslims and Christians never do violence and are always the victims. Hence while Muslims burning Sabarmati Express, in Gujarat is not a crime but the spontaneous reaction from Hindus in form of Godhra riots is a crime.

Under the proposed Act, when a Danish cartoonist made a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed and Muslims rioted and killed Hindus in India, the killing of Swami Lakshmananand who opposed the conversions by Christian Missionaries is not a crime. But any reaction by and from Hindus is a crime.

The crimes under this bill are cognizable and non- bailable.

If this bill is passed in the Parliament and becomes an Act, then Hindus will have to keep their mouth shut and always be at the mercy of Muslims and Christians so that they should never complain against any Hindu in any police station because then no proof is needed, no witness is required and they will be held guilty and sent to jail.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Awami League and Hindu Persecution

Can Bangladeshi Hindus depend on Awami League anymore?

A considerable section of the international community, not only in India or the other neighboring countries, but also in other parts of the world is busy in making merriment over the stunning triumph of progressive and secular forces in the land of Bangladesh. Truly, this is an epoch making victory and if someone considers, this will give rise to a new age of hope and brightness in the distraught county, he can’t be blamed. Well, the Hindu minority community of Bangladesh has also joined this elation and it hopes that the Awami League-led government will ensure a better life along with security to them. Here comes an important question. Can this ever be?

What has been the record of the Awami League in all these years and its relation with the Hindu community? Was it ever conscious to safeguard the Hindu interest or has it always used the far flung Hindus as mere pawns for a checkmate? These questions are coming to the fore since the Hindu population has come down to 9% from nearly 30% (1948) till date and on the word of dupes or victims there is hardly any difference between Awami League and ideologues of Jihadi fundamentalism in the country. It should also be noted, according to experiences, the mighty presence of Awami League helps perpetrators to hide religious persecutions on minorities, which go on relentlessly.

Are there strong evidences that can prove the culpability of this icon of Bangladeshi secularism? Let’s scrutinize facts and figures.

The ideologists of the Awami League were directly associated with the Muslim League that was responsible for the deadliest Great Calcutta Killing (1946) and in this episode the role of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, father of the nation of Bangladesh, was of a trusted lieutenant of Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, then Chief Minister of undivided Bengal. It is alleged by several sections that Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy is the true founder of the Awami League (then Muslim Awami League). What an irony! The party, in order to exploit the (then) reigning politics in Pakistan, changed its stance and became Awami League in 1952.

The greatest achievement of the party in the later period was to spearhead the historic Language Movement in 1952 although the demand to make Bengali one of the official languages of Pakistan was first propounded by Dhirendra Nath Datta (1886-1971), MP from Coomilla on February 23, 1948 in the Pakistan Constituent Assembly in Karachi. However he was not even thanked by Awami League, at that time, as he was a Hindu.

Now let’s enter into the other acts of this glorious party. It was on 25 th-26 th March, 1971 when the Pakistani Army started its operations. This was done by means of ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Muslims but with the exclusive gangrapes of Hindu women. Nevertheless, the Awami League carders were seen in looting the affluent Hindu families. Don’t get amazed! There are others too!

In India, during the fateful India-Pakistan war of 1971 training camps were opened at Balurghat, Siliguri and Dehradun under the auspices of the Govt. of India for the training of Mujib Bahini. What did happen there? In Balurghat, 7 Hindu liberation fighters were bayoneted since they were found discussing that the liberation of Bangladesh would bring no liberation for Hindus. In Siliguri 7 Hindu youths were bayoneted since it was alleged that they dared to tease the daughter of Fazlul Haq. But the incident of Dehradun surpassed all. 16 Hindu boys were brutally murdered there since they had kept Bhagavad Gita in their pockets. The Govt. of India preferred to remain quiet or else any outburst would have derailed the movement harming India.

Now let’s concentrate on Ramna Kalibari. This ancient temple was desecrated and destroyed by the Pakistan Army on 25-26 March, ’71 resulting into the brutal murder of 200 Hindu devotes, if not more, alongside. But the following history is more painful. The Bangladesh government under Mujibur Rahman, refused to acknowledge the long standing demand of Hindu community (temple’s restoration) and destroyed the remaining portion of this property spreading over 26 acres. According to the latest ordinance, it is now Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy Park and the project completed without any compensation.

What has been the role Awami League regarding Vested Property Act (erstwhile Enemy Property Act)? It was reintroduced by the Awami League government and 1,62,000 acres of land was incorporated into this Act between 1972-75. We should remember that Vested Property Abolition Act was introduced in 2001 by Sheikh Hasina Wazed and the consequence is well-known.

Let’s focus on his illustrious daughter now. Is she better? There were lots of hopes but all have already been squashed. She is always a devout Muslim and then a Bangladeshi, according to her own revelations. This conviction made her denounce the Bangladeshi Hindus as people with twin allegiance. The Hindu minority leaders faced the same rhetoric when Hasina advised them to become Bangladeshi citizens first. What’s more she has been refuting the charges of Bangladeshi infiltration to India!

Have these nefarious designs been played only against the Hindus? Not at all! The Chakma community (Buddhist) has also faced the same effrontery. Manabendra Nath Larma, chief leader of the Chakma community and also the MP of CHT went to meet Mujibur Rahman (regarding CHT’S development). He was advised to become a Bengali, conversely. It is said that this brazen outlook made Mr. Larma initiate the armed struggle. Last but not least, Bangladesh joined OIC under the aegis of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The above-mentioned facts are tiniest specimens of the insensate and unabated minority persecution in the land of (alleged) Bengali nationalism under the covert and overt patronage of Awami League. There are, indeed, numerous stories of persecution that are undated and undocumented but continue with the same vigor.

Is a decent and a secured living of Bangladeshi Hindu community a bleak prospect? We think it is. Nevertheless, there is a greater reality. The greatest sin of Hindu community has been to confide in Awami League. It is, without doubt, a blasphemy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anushilan Samiti embodies martial Bengali Hindus

When the system fails, a power rises – this notion going on for centuries from immemorial past got evident in the early 20 th century with the appearance and meteoric rise of Anushilan Samiti, revolutionary society in Bengal to wrest freedom from iniquitous British Empire, following the clarion call of Swami Vivekananda to arise the nation in deep slumber. The organization, despite containing and led by Bengali Hindus, attracted Hindu youths, from the whole of then Indian subcontinent, having the conviction on policy of blood and iron altogether.

From the very beginning Anushilan Samiti had made its position clear through relying on the saga of national revolution (Rashtra Biplab). Thoughts, speeches and writings of Swami Vivekananda and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee influenced its founding leaders most. They included Pramatha Nath Mitra, Satish Chandra Basu, Arobiondo Ghosh, Jatindra Nath Banerjee and Surendra Nath Tagore and all these led to formal establishment of Anushilan Samiti on March 24, 1902 (Bangabda 1308, Chaitra 10). It is needless to say that the organization started as a bastion of physical exercises (Sharadapi) and changed into a revolutionary society bit by bit.

The expansion of Anushilan Samiti took place through formation of an assortment of akhada s (gymnasiums) in different parts of Calcutta and its outskirts. Some of these are Darjipara, Pataldanga, Grey St, khidirpur. Echara zilla te Shibpur, Salikha, Chandannagar, Srirampur, Tarakeshwar, Bali and Uttarpara. Trainings on different forms of exercises, combat war techniques, sword fighting, lathi wielding were provided to members. Ratanmani Chatterjee in Bali, Amarendra Chatterjee in Uttarpara, Panchanan Singha and Jiten Lahiri in Srirampur, Ashutosh Das in Tarakeshwar played leading roles in this regard.

All these, innovation without a shred of doubt, stimulated Hindu youth to the greatest extent and documents assert that thousands of people used to gather to perceive related tournaments. Establishment of Dhaka Anushilan Samiti and assignment of Pulin Behari Das in 1905 as its chief led to the further development of the organization.

Within a brief period, under leadership of Pulin Behari Das, no less than 600 branches of Samiti were formed and success of Bikrampur and Barishal, in this regard, was awe-inspiring. But Dhaka Conspiracy Case in 1910 leading to arrest of several of its key functionaries came up as a great stumbling block before Samiti’s further expansion. Getting alarmed of the fast expansion of Anushilan Samiti, then British Government formed a commission to look into causes, mode of expansions of rebellious activities in Bengal and ways to stamp it down. Report of this commission came to the fore in 1918 and it is known as Sedition Committee Report.

Nevertheless, planning of Anushilan Samiti, better known as Hindu-German conspiracy case in history, to overthrow British Raj in India, during World War I, and its failure made the government more furious and vindictive. Owing to rising governmental repressions and dearth of potent activists, several branches of Anushilan Samiti closed down for the moment while many others even ceased to exist.

The dynamic influence of Samiti on the Bengali Hindu society, as a result, started to decline and the gap was filled by mass organizations of Indian National Congress and Communist Party, new and enigmatic torch bearer of revolution. By 1930 the damage was done and from Anushilan Samiti, following rigorous imprisonments for years, lots of its erstwhile members got involved with other political factions. The majority of these were socialists and communists, still under the hypnotic spell of socialism and success of Soviet Union.

Only a few members including Pulin Behari Das remained steadfast to basic ideology of Anushilan Samiti, and their might proved yet again during partition of India and concerned riots while saving hapless Hindus.

What is most striking is the denial of Government of India to accept these revolutionaries, who sacrificed everything for the country, as freedom fighters. After independence in 1947, a committee containing highly revered historians was formed, under instruction of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, to write a comprehensive and truthful history of India’s independence struggle. Dr. Tarachand was its president and two of its members were from Bengal – Dr. Ramesh Chandra Majumdar and Dr. Suren Sen.

In consequence of covert instruction of Jawaharlal Nehru and Congress, it is already proved, revolutionary struggle of Bengal was completely expunged. Dr. R.C. Majumdar, resigned from the committee in protest, stating -" As a historian, how can I ignore an established fact?" To confirm the nasty design of then leaders of India, he wrote “The History of Freedom Movement in India” that contains detailed facts of revolutionary struggle in Bengal to overthrow British Raj and contribution of Anushilan Samiti in particular.

(Emblem of Anushilan Samiti)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Durga Puja signifies valor and power; persistent struggle to defeat injustice

Durga Puja, regarded as mainstay of Bengali Hindus across the globe, contrary to the general belief that it was started by Raja Krishna Chandra Roy of Nadia to celebrate British victory over Muslim force in the Battle of Plassey – 1757, was initiated in the mediaeval era to unify the then fragmented Hindu forces in Bengal against the Islamic tyranny including brutal Hindu persecution. And the person who did all these was none other than Raja Kangsha Narayan, undisputed supreme lord in Taherpur, District: Rajshahi. He is also known as Ballal Sen No. 2 for his astuteness, generosity and leadership to Hindus in history.

What would be the best answer if there is any question of its necessity then? If the history is explored properly it will be found that those were the darkest days in Bengal; kingdom under the auspices of its Islamic bosses was always ready to hound Hindus. And growingly persecution of Hindus under any pretext became a norm.

It was the rule of Hussein Shah and following the unfortunate downfall of Raja Ganesh, Hindus accepted the Islamic suzerainty. Moreover, the collapse of Kamtapur or last nail in the coffin made Muslims more joyous and Hindus more dejected. Only an apposite program of religious awareness (Dharma Jagaran) could be the best way to make Hindus virile once more. The role of Krittibas Ojha must be commemorated with veneration in this respect. The most momentous contribution of his to Bengali literature and culture has been the Bengali translation of Ramayana, one of the greatest Hindu epics. He is also responsible to render the notion of Akal Bodohon to the Bengali Hindu society.

Prior to the appearance of this theory, Durga Puja was celebrated in the month of Chaitra, first month in the national civil calendar of India, and it was known as Basanti Puja. But the historical endeavor of Raja Kangsha Narayan, conforming to the theory of Akal Bodhon, as propounded by Krittibas Ojha, led to the beginning of Durga Puja in the month of Sarat or Autumn. Akal Bodhon denotes the worship of Devi Durga by Sri Ram Chandra before the victory over and killing of Ravana, the demon king.

All these affirm that Durga Puja is related more to valor and power, essential to overpower and annihilate any form of injustice. This basic thought got more popular during the anti-British independence movement, especially among the revolutionaries in Bengal.

There can’t be any second or alternative thought to this and even if there is development of any such, it must be stamped out without delay.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Recognition of 10,000 madrasas in Bengal – menace for Hindus

Changes are natural in any parliamentary democratic scenario and in India, as perceived from experiences, there has never been any dearth of it. However, the case of West Bengal, prior to the last general assembly election, was different where owing to 34-years long Left rule changes had ceased to take place. The incumbent Trinamool Congress-led government usurping Left has come to gratify the discontented souls of Bengal and how it would be successful is a debatable issue. But if one is asked to apprehend counting on early indications, he/she has got to infer existing regime like the preceding one would remain apathetic to Hindus. And the reasons are not far to see.

Even if we let alone the issue of Deganga, notorious anti-Hindu carnage taking place in September, 2010 under aegis of a TMC (Trinamool Congress) MP, other fresh developments can’t be ignored. Recent annunciation of recognition of 10,000 madrasas (unrecognized hitherto) has created both dismay and fright among Hindus. Albeit political parties remain na├»ve, Hindus know well outcome of any such approach.

Literally the word madrasa refers to any Islamic institution generating two courses of study like hifz and alim. While hifz concentrates on teaching memorization of Qur’an, alim, in essence, deals with making an individual a scholar in the community. To cope with the changing reality and to make students professionally capable, technical subjects are also being introduced these days.

Whatever it is, it is alleged across the globe, madrasas are breeding ground of worldwide Islamic terrorism. There have been herculean efforts by Islamic scholars to negate this stigma but each nefarious act of Islamic terrorism stabilizes this castigation. How far impending 10,000 government-recognized madrasas would cast its shadow in the Bengal politics then?

Hindus have to ponder this since, if the reigning Chief Minister’s statement is conformed to, new recognized madrasas, under State Madrasa Education Board, can seek out central funds for upgradation. When the existing Congress-led UPA government is so generous to minorities, especially Muslims, any thought that it would dither to contribute funds is preposterous. More funds would make 10,000 government-recognized madrasas roar like 1 hundred thousand tigers.

As per studies, belief, following teachings in Qur’an and Hadis, imparted through madrasas to students can appall any sane human. Anyone can go through those and he/she is invited cordially (with assurance of having magnificent gifts) for a sumptuous dinner by me, who doesn’t undergo radical thoughts in these sacred books to exterminate non-believers to make Islam greatest of all faiths.

What’s the best possible way for Hindus in Bengal to avert this impending crisis? Hindus in Bengal have to realize that Islam is basically a military philosophy devoid of religious tolerance and democratic thoughts. They must bear in mind that such dictum led to partition of India in 1947 and their sealing of fate once and for all. Dr. Ambedkar once stated that “Appeasement has no limits……….” [His Writings & Speeches, Vol. 8, page-270]. Many Hindus are also known to be best followers of such appeasement and strikingly, these persons are found to clamor for minorities, in particular Muslims, in political parties.

It is not known whether the government would be kind enough to go through said books and set up a commission to rectify its earlier decision to recognize 10,000 madrasas (unrecognized thus far). But Hindus can’t wait; they have to set up a barricade before any governmental approach.